About Us

Burung Nusantara aims to become a home for the growing number of dedicated and enthusiastic birdwatchers, bird conservationists, bird clubs and local bird conservation NGOs across Indonesia. It also aims to promote Indonesian birds and bird conservation to the rest of the world.

Burung Nusantara’s mission is simply to promote the conservation and enjoyment of wild birds in Indonesia. With some of the most amazing birds in the world found in Indonesia this is a cause were enjoying and fighting to protect.

Burung Nusantara / Birds Indonesia is an independent, non-profit site created by a group of friends in Indonesia. Burung Nusantara is not an NGO, and exists only to promote the spectrum of work already being undertaken by local NGOs, groups and clubs within Indonesia, and to promote Indonesia as a birdwatching destination to the rest of the world.

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