Bird news: Oystercatcher & Silver Gull in Bali

On Friday 27 August 2010, at around 2pm an Oystercatcher, presumably Pied Oystercatcher (Haematopus longirostris) was observed roosting on small shingle island in lagoon at south end of Serangan Island. The bird was black above and white below, with a black head, and long red beak seen briefly when it raised its head. No photos were taken unfortunately.

On Saturday 28th August, at 9am I returned to try and photograph the oystercatcher and found a Gull in almost the same location as the Oystercatcher. This appears to be a Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) – with pale iris, red legs, etc. Some distant photos are shown below:
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The location of both the Oystercatcher and Gull was on the eastern side of the most southerly lagoon at Pulau Serangan. To access this area go over the bridge and through the island pay-point, and then immediately through the surfing-pay-point. Turn hard right and follow the dirt road south to the lagoons. The small shingle islands (some with green bushes on them) are visible from the road looking east.

White-headed Stilt was also present in the grassy lagoon on the west side of the road. This spot was very good – 58 species in 3 trips – and I would recommend it over Benoa Harbour for things like Javan Plover. Thanks Burung-Nusantara website for putting me onto it.

Mat & Cathy Gilfedder
Brisbane, Australia

Additional info:

For more info on Pulau Serangan visit the site page here

Since this news was posted, a photo of the oystercather has emerged, taken by Andry Khusnul Ichsan on 31st July at the same location. Assuming this is the same bird, they confirm it to be Pied Oystercatcher, H. longirostris, on account of the lack of white in the primaries. A probable first for Bali (and Oriental Asia??). BuNu Admin.
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