Indonesia online birding resources

Here’s a collection of our favourite online birding sites:

* Fatbirder:
Fatbirder is the premier web resource about birds, birding & birdwatching for birders – hundreds of pages & tens of thousands of links about birding everywhere in the world; a page for every country & state; every bird family; books, guides, forums, reserves, accommodation, trip reports, bird clubs, ornithology, twitching, conservation, optics, holidays. So if you want to go birding, or want to know about particular birds then Fatbirder is for you! Each page has sections on useful reading, guides, mailing lists, reserves, places to stay, trip reports, bird clubs, etc. This website benefits hugely from the contributions of birders, photographers & ornithologists from all over the world. Most of the country and state introductions are written by, and most photographs featured taken by, Fatbirder users. To go direct to the Indonesia listings on Fatbirder click here.

* Travellingbirder:
Our favourite trip report site! A massive collection of trip reports to all parts of the globe, and a well designed web-site that makes browsing and searching easy. Lots of the trip reports listed in this site are hosted or listed on travellingbirder also, so if you cant find what you want here, try them. To go direct to the Indonesia listings on Travellingbirder click here.

* Surfbirds:
We love it. Great galleries, great articles and you gotta love those lists of lists. Enter you Indonesian list on Surfbirds and see how you match up!

* BirdForum:
The net’s largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding. With thousands of members and completely free, BirdForum is an excellent resource for anyone looking for birding information or willing to offer it to others. regular posts on Indonesian birds and birding.

* Guided Birdwatching:
Guided Birdwatching aims to be a link between the travelling birder and birding guides all around the world. The site lists amateur birding guides, birding companies, field trips and bird walks. The indonesia pages include listings of most of the international tour companies that run tours to Indonesia, and several local Indonesian guides.

* BirdingPal:
A site designed to put visiting birders in contact with local birders. A great idea and a really nice site. Look for local birders to show you around, or if you are a birder here in Indonesia, list yourself here and meet visiting birders.

* Oriental Bird Club (OBC):
The Oriental Bird Club is great and everyone should become a member! OBC aims to encourage an interest in wild birds of the Oriental region and their conservation; to promote the work of regional bird and nature societies; to collate and publish information on Oriental birds. They publish the excellent ‘BirdingAsia’ and ‘Forktail’ and give many small grants to support conservation work in the oriental region, including Indonesia. OBC also runs one of the most active mailing lists regarding birding and bird conservation in the oriental region (see OBC site for details), and one of the best archives of bird photos at Oriental Bird Images.

* Oriental Bird Images:
Ok, so we just mentioned it above, but we’re going to mention it again, as it is so good! This is an excellent resource to view for top quality photos of Indonesian birds. Some of the best photos, from the worlds best photographers are posted here. A great resource for helping to identify and compare species.

* Xeno Canto:
One of the best and most useful sites around. Xeno Canto is a database of bird songs and calls from around the world. The Asia pages of Xeno Canto contain hundreds of bird recordings from Asia, including Indonesia. This is another superb resource for birding in the region.