Birding in Java & Bali

Find information about the top birdwatching sites in Java and Bali

Birding in Java and Bali is many people’s introduction to Indonesian birds. The sites listed here include the best for the die-hard searcher of Java’s montane and lowland endemics, to those suited to a few hours break from a Bali beach holiday.

Browse sites from the map or the table. Each site page will show links to birding trip reports, guides and other content that is relevant. Help us keep this information up to date by posting your experiences back here as comments. If you think you could write the entry for a site, or you want to add a new site, just email us and we will tell you how.

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SiteWhat's there?
Muara AngkeSurprisingly good birding for the middle of Jakarta! Worth a morning just for Sunda Coucal.
Muara GembongA vast area of rice and fish ponds. Great for waterbirds, munias, Sunda Coucal and maybe Javan Lapwing??
PamanukanCoastal mangrove, fish ponds and rice. A good site for Javan White-eye, Javan Plover and munias.
Pulau RambutA boat trip out to the waterbird breeding colony, usually passing many Christmas Island Frigatebirds on the way.
Pulau DuaCoastal mangrove and fish ponds. Can be good for waders and occasionally Javan White-eye.
Ujong KulonPristine lowland forest, but hard to access. Home to the last Javan Rhino.
CaritaA small patch of degraded forest that is surprisingly good for some of the lowland forest Javan endemics.
Sunda StraitsPelagic birding for migrant petrels and shearwaters and a chance of Indian Ocean rarities
Gede PangrangoTHE spot for Javan montane endemics. Spend a few days exploring the different altitudes.
Tangkuban PerahuEasy birding for some of the high mountain specialities.
Halimun SalakLots of forest at mid to high elevations. Some good site options for some of the mid-altitude birds that are hard elsewhere.
Coastal SurabayaWaterbirds and migrant waders on the coast around Surabaya.
BaluranSavannah like forests in east Java. Green Peafowl and Banded Pitta abound
Alas PurwoThe last home of the tiger in Java this isolated park is great for Green Peafowl, both junglefowl and Banded Pitta
Gunung IjenEasy East Java montane birding and a necessary trip to see the partridge and bush warbler!
LumajangWaterbirds and migrant waders on south coast of East Java.
Around JogjakartaYou’ve heard of the famous temples, but did you know that Java Sparrow nest on one of them?
Pelabuhan RatuOn the south coast of west Java this little visited site has many of the lowland Javan specialities for those who like to explore.
SanurGood migrant wader action in season, this site has also turned up several Indonesian vagrant rarities.
Pulau SeranganThe best spot for migrant waders on Bali. Always worth a look for Indonesian rarities.
Around KutaMore famous for its bars and beaches, its also not a bad spot to find Java Sparrow!
Bali BaratThe home of the Bali Starling, this park also hosts a good selection of other sundaic lowland species.
Ulu WatuCliff top location is great for breeding White-tailed Tropicbirds and passing seabirds
BedugulBirding in the hills of central Bali. A good range of species can be found here, including one or two things that are not so easy elsewhere.

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