Birding in the Lesser Sundas

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The string of islands east of Bali are a fascinating region of Indonesia to go birding, and one that’s growing in popularity. Access to the main islands is pretty easy, and the sites themselves are not difficult to reach. For those that try birding in the Lesser Sundas very high endemism awaits, plus some fascinating scenery and culture.

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SiteWhat's there?
LombokThe short hop across Wallace's line ensures a trip to Lombok has birds to make it worthwhile.
KomodoFamous for giant lizards, but also great for Yellow-crested Cockatoo!
FloresGreat scenery and great birds. The large selection of endemics ranges from the easy to the very hard.
WetarNot an easy place to get to, but anyone who tries it will be rewarded with a selection of endemics that very few people have ever seen.
SumbaEasy roadside birding, beautiful scenery and amazing local culture; and a ton of endemics!
TimorEasy access to some great sites and birds. A trip to Timor is well worthwhile.
Alor & PantarSeldom visited, but with a good range of local specialities, with affinities to both Flores and Timor
RoteThis small island off Timor is getting a great reputation for some of the hard to find Timor endemics, plus its own endemic forms

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