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The islands of eastern Indonesia are one of the world’s last great birding frontiers. The access to all but a couple of islands is tricky, but the reward is some of the most stunning endemism imaginable. There is still lots that is not known about the birds of these islands, and there are undoubtebly new discoveries waiting to be found on a remote island or mountain somewhere.

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SiteWhat's there?
AmbonThe travel hub of central and southern Maluku. Got a few nice birds too.
TanimbarThe far south of Maluku and not easy to get too. If you make it, the reward is accessible forest packed with endemics.
SeramHuge mountains, obscure islands, Salmon-crested Cockatoo and a whole load more central moluccan specialities and Seram endemics await.
DamarThere is an endemic flycatcher here. Good luck!
KaiRelatively easy to get to, nice beaches, two endemic white-eyes and an endemic coucal. Can't say better than that, can you?
BuruIt looks big on the map, but getting there and getting around is for the adventurous. If you try it the birds are all there somewhere.
TaliabuIf you can figure out how to get here then there are a load of gripping endemics to be seen!
BacamThis is where Wallace first discovered the Standardwing now named after him, but he may also have been the last person that visited this island!
ObiIf you make it this far you will be on your own. There is a woodcock here somewhere. Good luck!
HalmaheraPacked with north Moluccan endemics including the stunning Standard wing and Ivory-breasted Pitta. A trip to Halmahera is on many people's wish list.

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