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  • November 17, 2015 pada 11:06 am

    I visited Gede Pangrango at the beginning of November 2015. Organisational things have changed quite significantly compared to my last visit one year before.
    I got there Friday afternoon at 15:30 and wanted a permit for the summit, returning Saturday. I was told politely but with clearly no room for negotiations that I NEED to have a guide then. I therefore opted for a permit to the lower section for which I didn’t need a guide. A very positive change: this permit now allows you to go to Air Panas, not just the waterfall. However, I wanted to go birding in the park on Friday afternoon until darkness for night birds but was told the park was now “closed” until the next morning. For those with a permit to the summit, the park would open at 5:00, for those with a permit only to the lower part at 6:00.
    I therefore spent the afternoon/evening at the Bot. Garden and went to the park the next morning at 6:00, going to Air Panas and back until heading out of the park at 17:00.
    Maybe due to these changes, the park was much more quiet even on a Saturday, and the birding conditions had therefore improved significantly compared to the year before. There was even a time in the late morning between the waterfall and Air Panas where I didn’t meet anyone on the trail for half an hour! Last year, I had gone into the park on Friday evening for night birds and wanted to leave around 23:00 to get some sleep, but it was nearly impossible to get from the waterfall to the gate because there was a constant stream of people going up, it was like trying to walk against the stream of people in an IKEA.
    In additon to these changes, there is now a canopy walk at the lower end of the trail (which I didn’t try) and it seems the trail network off the main trail had been expanded there. This is great for birders as you get to experience quiet side-trails away from the “highway” to the summit even on weekends.
    All in all, the stricter rules make it a bit more difficult to organize a short visit to the park . However, once you’ve worked out a plan that meets these times, the birding quality has definitely increased due to the changes.

  • April 13, 2017 pada 11:58 pm

    Thank you
    Planning a trip in June / July 2017

  • Agustus 6, 2017 pada 2:22 am

    Visited the site for a few days end of july. Very beautiful but frustrating site to visit! Getting to and away was a nightmare (8.5 hours back to the Airport almost missing my flight). Monster traffic on the trail too in the early morning hours so crucial for birding, the office is clearly there to exploit overseas visitors so didn’t even bother dealing with them just entered tge park before opening hours!

    The only positive was the newly opened Mon Bel hotel just opposite Freddys! Great luxury option (compared to Freddys) with great food for affordable prices (weekday rates 350 Inr). I had two days I spent (stomach probs) on the rooftop terrace and it was probably the highlight of the trip with distant but great views of Javan Hawk Eagle, Black Eagle, Serpent eagle, Giant Swiftlet ( better views than at the waterfalls) and Javan Kingfishers. The hotel is easily bookable on Agoda or Booking.com! Please check out my pix on : http://www.flickr.com/photos/145149033@N05/albums


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