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  • September 15, 2016 pada 2:46 am

    There’s also a megapode nesting site at Haruku village, south of Kailolo.
    Here, Eliza Kyssa runs a small conservation project, funding most of it himself [not delighting his wife perhaps!]
    Including for scrubfowl; earlier bought eggs from Kailolo to augment the small breeding population here.
    Got problems, including beach being eroded, reducing area of sand for megapodes to nest in. A Burung Indonesia funded wall to protect a sand area was recently damaged in severe flood.
    But, visiting Aug 2016, saw megapode arrive to dig nest at night, on sand area across a creek; one of six that night.
    Eiza said birds sometimes linger after dawn, and saw one extremely close, getting photos.
    Can be dugongs here, too, especially late in year when water clearer in dry season.

    Eliza not so easy to reach by his phone; but he and his wife a great couple, v hospitable, and with a cabin w couple of beds where guests can stay, maybe enough beds for some “overflow”

    So maybe worth considering; and perhaps money spent here is better for conservation benefits.


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