Indonesian Seabird Survey (ISSue)

Organisation: Burung Laut Indonesia
Project started: May 2009
Project ended: Ongoing
Location: Sunda Straits, Jakarta Bay, Indonesian Sea

The Indonesian Seabird Survey (ISSUE) aims to conduct pelagic seabird surveys within key breeding, migration and foraging areas around Indonesia, seeks to raise awareness of seabird conservation issues, and provides opportunities for Indonesian ornithologists and conservationists to experience pelagic seabirds and learn about their conservation.


Issue was started in 2009 and conducted its first pelagic seabird surveys in the Sunda Straits and over the Java Trench in 2009 and 2010.


Further surveys are planned for the Sunda Strait and Java Trench area in 2010, and in the Celebes/Philippine Sea in 2011.


For more information visit the Burung Laut Indonesia network page, or contact our email :


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