Raptor Conservation Society (RCS)


Raptor Conservation Society (RCS) is non-profit and non-government organization that was founded in as informal and founded formal in October 29, 2002 with regisrated number: 9, July, 09 2007 in Cianjur, West Java-Indonesia. It is supported primarily by self donation and grant from private sectors, foundation and companies.

Since our founding, we have worked with local conservation groups, companies and government to protect many valuable biodiversity, especially of raptor and their habitat.

We work closely with all key stakeholder groups whether they are private landowner, local resident, industries, government or just people who value the request the enduring commitment of all stakeholders if conservation initiatives are to be sustained.

To support the biodiversity conservation sustainable with studying raptors to conserve nature approach concepts.

To preserve the raptors and their habitats the represents the diversity of life on Earth by development and increase awareness, cared, and involvement of local community and stakeholders around at conservation area their diversity conservation sustained.

In 10 years more than 10 activities directly related to biodiversity conservation in Java Island with raptors approach concepts. Guidance on local community around in forest for conservation endangered species and their habitats protected. RCS also has directly participated in several seminar or symposium on raptor research and conservation, either nationally and regionally or international.

In 2006 until 2009, the RCS participated in overcoming the watershed problem, which operationally was conducted by Environmental Service Program-United State Agency Development (ESP USAID). Based on a” Co-exist thinking”, just like raptor, water, and man can live side by side. Mean the raptors more useful for human being.

RCS now manages projects on outside and inside conservation area at West Java, such as Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park, Mount Halimun-Salak National Park, Telaga Warna Nature Reserve and other nature reserve. Our current engagements are teaching us and outs partners what works best in the Indonesia environment.

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