Raptor Indonesia (RAIN)

Graphic1-280x300RAIN (Raptor Indonesia) is a network for the research and conservation of birds of prey (raptors) in Indonesia. It was formed on July 23, 2001 in Bogor, as a follow-up to the Working Group III Workshop on the conservation of Javan Hawk Eagle (KKPEJ).


  • To create a sustainable forest Indonesia

  • Preserving the birds of prey (raptor) and its natural habitat”

  • The collection of data and information
  • Data and Information Management
  • Increase Capacity
  • Development Network.

Activities in 2013 :


[source: Workshop Proceedings III KKPEJ, 2001]

Raptor Indonesia
Jl. Tumenggung Wiradiredja No. 216
Cimahpar Utara, Cimahpar
Bogor, 16155
Jawa Barat
Email: info@raptorindonesia.org

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web :www.raptor-indonesia.org

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