Raptor Sanctuary

suakaELANG2-247x300Eagle Sanctuary was built by a network consisting of Government (Mist Mountain National Park Salak, Center for Conservation and Natural Resources of West Java, Central Pangrango Gunung Gede National Park, LIPI and PusLitBangHut Nature Conservation), NGOs (the International Animal Rescue, Raptor Indonesia , Raptor Conservation Society, PILI-Green Network, PPS Cikananga and mataELANG) and private (Chevron Geothermal Salak Mountain) and the Group of Governmental Organizations as a form of execution as a diamatkan koloborasi cooperation in a mutually beneficial Permenhut P.19/Menhut-II/2006 for preservation of habitat and species conservation and organizations involved and was inaugurated on November 25, 2008.

Eagle Sanctuary partnerships aim is to support the National Park Mountain Halimun-Salak in an effort, particularly raptors conserve endangered species like the eagle of Java and the other predatory bird species, and generally the existing biodiversity in and around the area of TN-Salak Halimun. Eagle Sanctuary was developed by a partnership of several institutions, namely government agencies, NGOs, and corporations. Level of partnership has been developed in collaboration which prioritizes the values of participation, equality and transparency.

Visi Vision
The realization of media education centers and conservation of birds of prey in the region as an attempt TNGHS sustainability of natural resource management and biodiversity in and around Halimun-Salak National Park as a base for ecological cycles required in anticipation of environmental changes

Misi Mission
Conduct rescue efforts, to asylum and release of raptors (birds of prey) of confiscated or submissions from the public in accordance with IUCN standards and official regulations in force in Indonesia.
Conduct public awareness efforts through the efforts of environmental education and ecotourism-based restricted birds of prey.

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Office Address
Komplek Gedung PHKA Bogor Bogor PHKA Building Complex
Jl. Jl. Ir. Ir. H. H. Djuanda No. Djuanda No. 15 Lt.2/55 Bogor 16001 Bogor Lt.2/55 15 16 001
Jawa Barat- Indonesia West Java-Indonesia
email: info@suakaelang.org email: info@suakaelang.org
web: www.suakaelang.org

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