Birds-of-Bali birding tours are based in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia and have over 5 years experience at arranging birding and photography tours within the region. We can design tours to suit your interests and can include any, or all, of the major birdwatching destination in Bali and beyond.

Our tours are planned to suit your needs. All of the Birds-of-Bali tour leaders have interests in birdwatching, natural history and photography, but the timing and specific itinerary of our tours can be dictated entirely by you. We will provide all of the help and advice you need to get the most out of your trip. Itineraries can range from those dedicated to serious birdwatching, to more relaxing trips that include cultural attractions.

We can accommodate group sizes from one to ten (or more) depending on your needs. Our prices are competitive and we will happily provide you further information depending on your plans. We are happy to assist with your travel arrangements.

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Roy Hasby

  • Tel: +62 812 4675 8015
  • BB: 28FA198B
  • FB: /ndphotoarts

Yuyun Yanwar

  • Tel: +62 817 116 565
  • FB: /yuyun.yanwar

Jl Dewi Sita No. 2, Room 07
Banjar Tatag Seminyak – Kuta
Bali, Indonesia

One thought on “Birds-of-Bali

  • Wednesday December 4th, 2019 at 11:07 PM

    we will be in Bali from May 15th thru the 20th, 2020′, when we leave by ship.
    do you still have bird tours?
    2 persons, experienced birders.
    no accommodations yet.
    what do you suggest?


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