Rainforest Lodges – Kedah & Ketambe

LOGO Kedah + ketambe We intend to introduce the hidden beauties and pearls of Aceh to a worldwide community of interested lovers of pure Nature. There are best diving places on Pulau Weh, pristine beaches along the 600 km west-coast of Aceh and on Pulau Banyak, volcanoes to climb, rich biodiversity in the forests as well as of mammals and birds, insects, reptiles. Several Entrepreneurs started in 2006 tourism activities, after the Helsinki Treatment. Those activities are on their best way to improve and several thousands of Eco-tourists have visited Aceh meanwhile, this astonishing Province of Indonesia, on the northern tip of Sumatra. Our contribution to the preservation of the pristine rainforests is the sponsoring of two Rainforest Lodges at Kedah and Ketambe. Their staff and chief guides Mr. Jally and Johan offer a professional and phantastic job, by introducing the pristine rainforests of UNESCO World Heritage “Gunung Leuser Eco System” to interested persons from all over the world and attracting tourists to visit Aceh and our lodges, as well as other Eco Tourism facilities. The surrounding Acehnese and Gayo communities gain sustainable income and they in return support preserving nature and help protecting it against poachers and loggers. On the other hand the project will be accompanied by training villagers to plant and harvest Arabica coffee at altitudes above 1.000 m, in organic and rainforest standards. The area is dedicated for such a project. Preserving pristine jungle and marketing high quality coffee will be our aim medium-term.

Our lodges are supported by European management and operated by local Gayo staff.

We are proud, that our guides are among the best in the Gunung Leuser Eco System, on the other hand we are working hard to improve our service and hospitality facilities.

We support you in planning your roundtrip through Aceh and North Sumatra in combinations with diving, snorkeling, swimming, birding, biking. It does not matter, whether you start and depart at Medan or Banda Aceh.

Our lodge with 3 bungalows at Kedah is located in the outskirts of pristine rainforest near a creek with fresh water all year long at an altitude of approximately 1.400m above sea-level, 15 km west of Blankenjeren in the district of Gayo Lues.

Our lodge Wisma Cinta Alam with 2 bungalows at Ketambe is located at the mainroad between Kutacane and Blankenjeren at left hand side, in Alas valley with direct access to Alas river and astonishing view of rainforest canopy opposite the river.

* Daytreks
* Trekking in alpine areas
* Wildlife treks
* Bird-watching
* Treks with special focus on orchids, Rafflesia, Amorphophallus and Fauna
* Night-treks at Ketambe
* Expeditions

Several wooden bungalows on stilts, accommodating 2 persons each, mosquito dome for 2 persons and hammock. Each bungalow with spacious single room and balcony.

At Kedah you share the Mandi (toilet and bath) with the other guests, at Ketambe you have own facilities.

For more information:
Web: www.gunung-leuser-trek.net
Email: info@gunung-leuser-trek.net
Phone: 0819-7392 2616 (international), 0812 699 2732 (within Indonesia)

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