West Papua – Mar 2008

We visited Papua in March 2008 for a spectacular and highly enjoyable total of 12 days of birding. Our plan wasn’t to try and cram loads of sites into this short time, but rather to take a good look at a couple (Raja Ampat Islands & Arfak Mountains) and then cram in one extra! (Biak Island).

In total we recorded 180 species of birds, with highlights including: 10 species of bird-of-paradise (which included Wilson’s, displaying Magnificent, and the amazing Black Sicklebill), Vogelkop Bowerbird, Western Crowned Pigeon, 16 species of parrot (including two species of pygmy-parrot and the awesome Black Cockatoo), Spotted Jewel Babbler, three owls, two owlet-nightjars, one frogmouth, five things with the work ‘Biak’ in front of the name, and the second Black-headed Gull ever for Papua!Brickle & Wilson_Papua 2008.pdf (836 KB)

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