The Indonesian Ornithologists’ Union (IdOU)

idous-logo-big3The Indonesian Ornithologists’ Union (IdOU) is a non profit membership-based organisation with the following objective: “To advance the ornithology of Indonesia by promoting the study of all aspects of Indonesian birds”. IdOU was established with the help of PILI-NGO Movement, and inaugurated at the Centre for Biology Research, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, (Cibinong, 23 August 2004). Funding included those from the Gibbon Foundation, US Naval Medical Research Unit-2, and Oriental Bird Club, United Kingdom. IdOU publishes Kukila, as well as facilitating relevant scientific fora as seminar, symposia, workshop, and invited talks.


The objective of Indonesian Ornithologists’ Union (IdOU) is “to advance the ornithology of Indonesia by promoting the study of all aspects of Indonesian birds”, and to pursue this objective, IdOU conducts the following efforst as mandated by its By-laws:

  • develop and disseminate relevant ornithological science through either papers and articles written for media like scientific journals and bulletin or by holding scientific fora like seminar, symposium, invited talk and such things;
  • develop partnership in the field of ornithological science with various and relevant parties both in Indonesia and overseas;
  • conduct relevant activities that support the objective of the Union and being in line with points suggested by the IdOU’s By-law (source: Article 2, IdOU by-law).
  • The Union publishes Kukila to disseminate scientific Indonesia related papers/discoveries as well as holding seminar and relevant invited talks. Recently, the Union aslo initiated the forming of the Indonesian Bird Banding Scheme (IBBS), and revised the Indonesian Bird List No. 2. Actually, the Union does not have field project, but in the spirit to help the government overcome the possible outbreak, then response on current Avian Influenza outbreak has also been given by the Union through a collaborative field research, in particularly in wild bird aspects, and field part of the studies coordinated by Kutilang Foundation. The Union encourages either scientific studies on ornithology or conservation measures conducted by its members or other parties. Although, institutionally field projects are not the main target of the union but the Union can facilitate its members or other interested parties to conduct such conservation activities as far as the existing capacities and expertise possessed by IdOU can help (see members’s profile & expertise!).

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