Satu tanggapan untuk “Birding on Pulau Rambut

  • Agustus 6, 2017 pada 2:07 am

    I have visited the island on the 22 july. Just flagged a bluebird off at Muara Angke and driven to Tanjung Pasir village and then back to my Airport hotel for 400 Ind. I have arrived to Tanjung P village a bit late and I was possibly exploited by the boatie charging 500Ind for the trip but I didn’t really have other options for seeing Milky Storks! Once on the island payed 200 Ind for the entry and the guide accompanied me to the tower where I had two chicks on the nest and after an hour waiting finally an adult came in! Middle of the day is clearly not ideal here! Also a few Glossy Ibis and a WB Sea Eagle with a beautiful sea snake was mentionable! On the way back to the airport popped in to see the Javan Plovers at the site marked on this sites map at the rice paddies!


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