We’re back!

Well… kind of!

After a turbulent year, in which the site has been as popular with hackers as it has been with birders, we are attempting to get things working again. Gone is the old look (dont ask us where…) and in is this rather ugly looking off-the-shelf WP standard (for now…).

The good news is that all the content is here again. Somewhere. Try the links on the left for a start, and if that doesn’t work try using the search box to find the thing you are looking for (for example, a site). If you have tried everything, and you still can’t find something, send us an email and we can point you in the right direction (address below)

Lots of features are still broken, but now that we are back up again we are going to try and fix these one by one.

As ever, if you like the site, and the information on it, please post comments or email us your feedback to info@burung-nusatara.org. We always welcome volunteers that offer to update old and out of date information.


The BuNu Team

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