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  • Juni 8, 2016 pada 1:43 am

    Well, hardly correct!
    – Wallace not even last naturalist to visit

    I went last year; inc saw standardwing, and saw guestbook showing several others had been to see this too.
    Also found Frank Lambert has written of Bacan birds; but yet to download paper. [Sulawesi Myzomela a surprise to me]

    Just checking info, as may go back there soon; seemed interesting place, maybe a bit to discover, tho now think Frank Lambert will have done far more thorough job than I’d manage

    • Juni 8, 2016 pada 7:40 am

      Thanks Martin
      If you had any more info on birding in Bacan it would be great to update this page. Feel free to post it here, or send to info@burung-nusantara.org and we can add it.

  • September 8, 2016 pada 10:24 am

    Hi Nick:

    Just sent a bit of guff by email.

    Anyway, I’ve only done relatively casual birding there; went August last year, and back in Aug this year.
    Standardwing key aim last year; and taken to a lek on slopes of Gunung Sibela, south of main town, Labuha. Taken by Pak Kasman, who lives in village at foot of the mountain and sometimes takes people to the lek.
    Birds there higher in trees, harder to see, than at a lek I went to on Halmahera [near Pak Roji’s place]
    Seemed area by it was good, inc Chattering Lories, Red-cheeked Parrot, Purple Dollarbird, Blyth’s Hornbills. Must be more to find there.
    Last month, also w Pak Kasman on jungle trek to place for butterflies; failed re golden birdwing [maybe as weather dull]; not many birds in great forest, perhaps as had been too much trapping.
    Also last month headed to waterfall place south of Sibela [a family holiday, with birding…]. Goliath Coucal while driving round slopes; heard White Cockatoo near the waterfalls.

    So based on casual visits, I reckon Bacan’s good for birds, and has more to offer.
    Not as easy or well known for birding as Halmahera.
    But one thing is that has better accommodation, restaurants etc in Labuha – a pleasant little town I reckon.
    So may appeal to some people.

    Myzomela on Sibela is likely a unique species, too; mostly at high elevations, hard to even get to the upper reaches; but Dillon Ripley had down to around 350m when some trees were in flower….


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