Birding on Seram

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  • April 24, 2016 pada 2:48 pm

    We are a little association with the goal to visit countryside and especially birds in the wild. We plan trip each year and we programm to come begining of february 2017 to visit Maluku islands . We’d like to visit national park in Seram to see native birds like Salmon Cockatoo and others. I think we’ll arrive at Ambon and can take a ferry until Masohi, we’ll be probably 10 people.
    Do you think we can organise the visit with a driver and a guide to go to sawai and wahai and around?
    How many days we need? We have not very long time available.
    What is the price for a vehicle for ten persons and a guide?
    Have we to book accomodations ?
    Thank you for your help.

  • September 15, 2016 pada 2:57 am

    Went in Aug 2016 with Vinno Soewarian as guide; through working with various “ultralister” birding tours, he knows the regular birding route up and over to Sawai v well, along with many birds inc calls etc – found a lot. He booked car, accommodation inc at the tiny town by ferry place where we arrived from/departed for Ambon.
    Great to be in jungle in Indonesia with relatively abundant birds including parrots [compare much of Java!]. A real wild place; found a webpage of someone who climbed to highest point and seemed a nightmare, but reflecting wilderness.

    At Sawai, Vinno took us on boat trip; went up small river past mangroves, looking for crocodiles partly – missed these; were birds, tho only the one kingfisher [Sacred] in place looking ideal for them.
    Also over to “honeyeater island”, where maybe 5 of the olive honeyeaters. Approaching this, a tiny sandy islet with 50 or more Greater Crested and Roseate terns: Vinno mentioned Chinese Crested has been seen there in recent years, and given the slight increase in breeding grounds this would seem worth checking for. A Great-billed Heron was in good view as returned to Sawai.

  • Juni 16, 2018 pada 8:26 am

    Hallo , wir Christoph und Mandy planen im Februar 2019 in den Manusela Nationalpark zu reisen. Wir möchten einen privaten Guide für Vogelbeobachtung im Dschungel mehrere Tage. Wegen Molukkenkakadu!! Können Sie uns bitte eine email Adresse von einem Guide senden, wegen der Planung.Vielen Danke im Voraus

  • Juni 16, 2018 pada 4:43 pm

    Hello my name is christoph schreiner i am from germany .please send me informations for a birdwatching guide from manusela nationalpark.we plan to go to seram on february regards christoph


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