List a conservation project

How to list a conservation project

Follow these simple instructions to see your projects listed:

Step 1

List yourself, or your organisation, under network. Read here for how to do that!

Step 2

Write some information about your project (max 1-2 pages). Include the project name, the organisation running it (presumably yours!), the date it started and the date it finished (or will finish, or just write ‘ongoing’), and the location of the project. If the project works at more than one location, please list them all. Also please write a short 2-3 sentence summary about your project; this information will be used on the map and table to summarise your project. Save everything on a word (.doc) file.

Step 3

List the latitude and longitude coordinates of every project location (and add it to the file above). Or create a Google Earth file (.kmz) with the locations on.

Step 4

Create a version of your organisation’s logo that looks good when very small. This will be used to display all of your organisation’s projects on the map. Make the logo square if you can, around 150×150 pixels as a .jpg file (we will make it into a 64×64 pixel logo for the map).

Step 5

Email everything to us (the Word file, the Google Earth file, and the logo file) at and we will do the rest. We will email you a version of the page we create to check before it gets posted, so you can make any changes.

What next?

Your project gets listed on the Burung-Nusantara / Birds-Indonesia site! If you want to make any changes, just contact us. If you want to send us news, articles or photos related to your project you can, they will all appear on the same page as ‘related articles’ as well as in other places on the site.