Checklist of the birds of Indonesia

A free to download checklist of Indonesian birds

  • The list contains all the birds of Indonesia listed by Clements, IOC and the three main bird books to the region. Both species and sub-species are listed, so you can easily find potential ‘splits’ and ‘lumps’. Simply find a species usuing one of the taxonomies and look across the row to see how it is treated in the others.
  • The list includes distribution notes from Clements and IOC and indicates presence across the major island groups in Indonesia
  • The list now includes Indonesian bird names
  • This list will be updated from time to time, so please keep checking back for new versions
  • If you spot a mistake on any of these please tell us. Submit a comment below or email us. You are our best resource to keep this accurate
  • Seen something that’s not on the list? Maybe its new! Submit your record here
Checklist including all sub-species (complicated, but tons of information)
Checklist including only species (more simple, smaller file)

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