Checklist of the birds of Indonesia

A free to download checklist of Indonesian birds

  • The list contains all the birds of Indonesia listed by Clements, IOC and the three main bird books to the region. Both species and sub-species are listed, so you can easily find potential ‘splits’ and ‘lumps’. Simply find a species usuing one of the taxonomies and look across the row to see how it is treated in the others.
  • The list includes distribution notes from Clements and IOC and indicates presence across the major island groups in Indonesia
  • The list now includes Indonesian bird names
  • This list will be updated from time to time, so please keep checking back for new versions
  • If you spot a mistake on any of these please tell us. Submit a comment below or email us. You are our best resource to keep this accurate
  • Seen something that’s not on the list? Maybe its new! Submit your record here
Checklist including all sub-species (complicated, but tons of information)
Checklist including only species (more simple, smaller file)

25 thoughts on “Checklist of the birds of Indonesia

  1. hubertus ajie

    istimewa ini…terima kasih yg udah buat n yg menyediakan link bwt donlotnya.. :shakehand

  2. Web Admin

    Hi Benoit

    Great! That probably is new!

    I dont imagine it was an escape, as they are not common in captivity and Talaud if pretty far out of anyones way!

    If you have a photo, why not post it here (on the page ‘gallery’ ‘birds of Indonesia’ page there is an upload form). I’m sure people would be interested to see it.

    It would also be worth sending a short note to Kukila or Forktail?

  3. Segerer Benoît


    I have seen a species not in the list. This is the common starling Sturnus vulgaris, seen on Talaud Island in december 2007. I have a picture if requested and of course, I don’t know the origin of the bird but I’m not sure it could be an escaped which be odd anyway.



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