Joint Enforcement in Bakauheni Seaport

Bakauheni sea port is strategic harbor, connecting Sumatra and Java in southern part of Lampung province. Thousands of vehicles goes to Java and Sumatra  vise versa more than 24 ferries a day. Passengers, economic commodities, drugs and even wildlife smugglers use this route. WCU (Wildlife Crime Unit) recorded that smugglers brought wildlife from Southern Sumatra to Java for 4 times a month by public bus via Bakauheni since 2004. WCU recent investigation show that wildlife smuggling activity still use Bakauheni as favorite route.

Since 2004, BKSDA (Natural Resources Office) initiated patrol in Bakauheni. And so far, they arrested and confiscated frozen pangolins, eagle, birds, reptiles, taxidermist, and macaque from smugglers. But, this activity depended on available budget and short term period (few days per trip patrol). Sea port police (KP3) Bakauheni carry out sea port interdiction to reduce drugs smuggling from Sumatra, and sometimes they confiscate wildlife. Police then transferred wildlife to quarantine or called BKSDA without any formal collaboration. Quarantine office increasing wildlife monitoring in Bakauheni to prevent wildlife and domestic animal smuggling since released free rabies notation in Java. BKSDA, police, and quarantine office has done on their job, but they are not communication each other in Bakauheni seaport, the same location they work.

Regarding this issue, WCU and BKSDA has discussed strategy to increasing collaboration between police, quarantine, BKSDA, seaport administrator, and PT. ASDP (sea port operator). We think about limitation of BKSDA to access sea port area and get permit from PT ASDP to check suspected vehicle, weak communication with quarantine office related with wildlife smuggling and disease issue, and the possibility to joint interdiction with police in sea port gate. We consider to carry out coordination meeting to meet them in a room and discussed about wildlife smuggling in Bakauheni. However, WCU supported Formal Coordination Meeting focus on Bakauheni Sea port at November 30 in Tanjungkarang.

Meeting participant included Head of Sea port Administrator, South Lampung District Police, Quarantine staff, BKSDA Lampung, and were attended by Walhi Lampung and IAR (International Animal Rescue). Total more than 30 participants involved on this meeting to discusses about joint patrol and formalized collaboration in MoU. After one day meeting, Mou has been signed  and will be implemented in immediate time. Good luck! (dna)

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