Birding at Pulau Dua


Coastal mangrove and fish ponds. Can be good for waders and occasionally Javan White-eye.

Key bird species:

Milky Stork; Javan Plover; Javan White-eye; Red Avadavat

Birdwatching locations:

Pulau Dua is not actually an island (let alone two, as the name suggests) but an area of coastal fish ponds and mangrove north of the road from Jakarta to Merak/Carita. It used to be the convenient spot for finding Javan White-eye on the way to or from Carita, but it is not as reliable as it used to be, and sites like Pamanukan provide a more reliable opportunity to see this species. Pulau Dua is still a pretty good bet to see Javan Plover, as they favour the barren fish ponds that characterise this site. Red Avadavat has also been seen here.

The best birding is between the road and the coast. Park your car inland in line with a distant clump of mangrove (this clump of trees is ‘Pulau Dua’) and head off on foot across the fish ponds following any one of many paths. The fishpond area can be good for waders, including Javan Plover, and the clump of mangrove has a small heronry and is the best place to look for Javan White-eye. The mangrove clump is also said to have a small population of Fishing Cats, but you are unlikely to see them unless you make a concerted night time effort.

Access and Accommodation:

Pulau Dua is most easily visited by car. From the toll road take the ‘Serang Timor’ exit around 75 km from Jakarta and then try and follow the directions on the map below! By public transport try catching a bus to Serang and then local transport (angkot, bemo or ojek) to Sawah Luhur.

There may be some basic hotel accommodation in Serang, but most people will visit Pulau Dua on the way to or from Carita/Merak, so it is not normally an issue.

Site map:

To download the kml file click here


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