Birding at Tangkuban Perahu


Easy birding for some of the high mountain specialities.

Key bird species:

Volcano Swiftlet; Island Thrush; Sunda Bush-Warbler;

Birdwatching locations:

Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano to the north of Bandung. It conveniently has a road to its summit at 1,800 m, making it the probably the most easily accessible site in West Java to see some of the island’s high mountain specialities. There is not a massive amount of good condition forest left, but along the access road, around the summit and from the summit car park to the west there is enough decent habitat to find Island Thrush and Sunda Bush-Warbler, while the volcano crater itself holds the enigmatic Volcano Swiftlet. To avoids the crowds and disturbance around the road and car park, avoid weekends, and take to any of the many side trails that branch off, particularly to the west.

Access and Accommodation:

Getting to Tangkuban Perahu is relatively simple, if you have the time and transport. First get to Bandung (via Gunung Gede, or direct from Jakarta) and then take the sign-posted roads up towards Lembang, then on towards Subang/Ciater. Before you reach Ciater take a sign-posted side-road to your left and climb up to the car park at the crater’s edge. By public transport first get to Bandung, and then ask around at a bus station for the options. It is a well known destination, so it should not take long to get pointed in the right direction. If you wanted to stay in the area then Bandung has any number of accommodation options to suit all budgets (take a look in a guide book like Lonely Planet to see what’s on offer).

Site map:

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