Birding at Ulu Watu


Cliff top location is great for breeding White-tailed Tropicbirds and passing seabirds

Key bird species:

White-tailed Tropicbird; Brown Booby; Christmas Island Frigatebird

Birdwatching locations:

Ulu Watu is the name of a famous cliff top temple on the south-western tip of Bali. The cliffs to the east of the temple appear to have nesting White-tailed Tropicbirds on them, as birds are regularly seen flying very close (but it is unclear if an actual nest has ever been seen?). The cliffs also provide a great spot for seawatching in general, and depending on the weather and season you can expect to see all three species of frigatebird, Brown Booby, large terns including Elegant Tern, and possibly the common large shearwaters (Streaked, Wedge-tailed). Several other species could also in theory be possible too, including Bulwer’s Petrel, Matsudaira’s Storm-petrel, Brown Noddy and more. Dugongs have also been seen on the reefs below the temple.

You can set up watching from within the temple grounds itself, or from within the temple compound walk along the cliff top to the south-east where it is a bit quieter. Alternatively you can reach the cliff top without entering the temple compound at all (and so avoiding the entrance fee) by following the last track heading off to the left of the access road to Ulu Watu, just before the main carpark. Follow this track and footpaths for 200m across rough ground and fields, keeping the temple on your right, until you reach the cliff top.

Beware the monkeys in this area, as they often try to steal things from you!

Access and Accommodation:

Ulu Watu temple is pretty famous in Bali, so every taxi driver will have heard of it. Alternatively if you are in your own car, or on a motorbike, just follow the signs from the airport road. From Kuta to Ulu Watu is about 40 minutes by car.

Site map:

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