Birding at Pantai Cemara


Not easy to get there, but perhaps the best wader site in Sumatra. Nordman’s Greenshank and Asian Dowitcher are regularly seen.

Key bird species:

Nordmann’s Greenshank; Asian Dowitcher; Mangrove Pitta; Malaysian Honeyguide

Birdwatching locations:

Cemara Beach lies in Jambi province and is a combination of sandbars and mudflats, backed by degraded forest and mangrove. This site has reliably held up to 11 Nordman’s Greenshank over the past couple of years, and has also turned up other Sumatran rarities like Caspian Tern and Black-headed Gull.

In 2009 a bird ringing research program conducted at the site also netted both Mangrove Pitta and Malaysian Honeyguide. The latter being an extremely difficult species to find in Sumatra.

Access and Accommodation:

Jambi City is the nearest airport. From there it then takes a trip of up to 2 days, involving cars, bikes, boats and walking to get to the site. This trip is so complicated I’m not even going to attempt to explain it here! Email us or post a request in the comments box below if you are interested. Oh yeh, there is no accommodation available, so bring a tent.

Site map:

To download the kml file click here


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