Kukila Volume 16 published

The editors of Kukila are proud to announce the publication of Kukila Volume 16. This is the second volume of Kukila to be published solely online.

In the current volume, full length articles focus on the behaviour of Satanic Nightjar (Sulawesi), Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise (Papua) and Pied Bush-chat (Lesser Sundas), and the avifauna of East Kalimantan. Short Communications include a description of the nest and egg of a Sumatran-endemic wren-babbler and a range extension of the Javan Cochoa.

With 60 pages, Volume 16 is shorter than customary, the last three volumes being over 100 pages in length. This is part of a deliberate strategy to publish Kukila more often. By reducing the size of each issue we will be able to publish the journal biannually, thereby cutting down the publication waiting time for authors. The next issue (Vol. 17, No. 1) is expected to appear in March 2013, and will include the features ‘Around the Archipelago’ and Recent Literature about Indonesian birds.

To view the full contents of Kukila Volume 16, visit http://kukila.org.
Kukila welcomes any contributions on Indonesian ornithology, ranging from full-length manuscripts to short notes and observations. For more information visit the http://kukila.org.

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