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Benny-for-page2I am a local bird guide for Biak, Yapen, Supiori, Numfor, Sorong and the Raja Ampat islands (Batanta, Salawati & Wagieo). We can also organize your birding trip to all parts of Papua and Maluku, including logistic assistance and booking domestic flights.

We can arrange birding trips to the Arfak mountains, Manokwari, Lake Habema, Nimbokrang and Wasur National Park in West Papua, and birding trips to Ambon, Saparua, Seram, Banda, Kai, Ternate, Tidore and Halmahera in Maluku. Our office and home base is on Biak Island, Papua. We have more then 20 years experience working as a tour operator. In addition to birding tours we can arrange other itineraries to suit your needs.

If you would like any assistance to arrange your itinerary, or get get a estimate of costs, then please feel free to contact us.

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