Borneo Eco Adventure

Borneo Eco Adventure is a leading tour operator in Indonesian Borneo. With us you can explore the many natural and cultural attractions of the region, including river boat tours on some of Kalimantan’s great rivers, rafting rapids, diving on pristine coral reeds, exploring caves, trekking in virgin rainforest, hiking up mountains and wandering in the wilderness. We go further than other tour operators and enable you to encounter the hidden places and people of the island.

Our specialty is travelling off the beaten tracks, exploring nature and culture, trekking, wildlife and bird watching, staying in traditional longhouses, river cruising diving and more.

Our programs all follow responsible travel guidelines, avoid negative impacts and seek to improve the welfare of local people. They are environmentally sound, culturally sensitive, and support economically sustainable enterprises. We also have an impeccable safety record.

Travelling with our impressive team you will gains a deep insight into the region. Let our travel experts design you a tailor-made itinerary to suite your needs. Our experience and knowledge will provide you with accurate advice to ensure your safety and satisfaction. We will serve you the best with our heart and leave you with unforgettable memories.

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Pakumpayan 26, RT.03
Angkinang, Hulu Sungai Selatan
South Borneo-Indonesia
Phone: 00-62-517-5516064
Mobile: 00-62-813-495-45-994

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