Pak Jamil – Birding guide at Nimbokrang

Pak Jamil is the main man at Nimbokrang, used by virtually all visiting birders. He lives within the village of Nimbokrang, and can arrange accommodation for you, food, packed lunches, local transport and even airport pick-ups. He also knows the best locations for all the best birds.

Currently the only reliable way to contact Pak Jamil is by phone (if you find an email address listed somewhere, don’t rely on it). From abroad the best option is so send a text/sms message. Pak Jamil speaks some english, but not much, so try and keep the language in your message simple. Focus initially on your name, where you are from, the date you will arrive, and how many days you will stay. He is likely to reply and either confirm, or tell you what days he is already booked.

For more information on booking things by text/sms, take a look at the advice here (which hopefully we will have added by the time you try!).

Pak Jamil: +62-852-5433-2796

One thought on “Pak Jamil – Birding guide at Nimbokrang

  • Tuesday June 5th, 2018 at 04:03 PM

    Want to visit early August about one week, if possible


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